OL 2012 London – Fekting

You’re invited to a duel

The beginner’s guide to fencing

Fencing traces back as far as 1190BC and ancient Egypt.   Its early roots were not in sport – fencing began on the battlefield and the duelling ground.

Over the years, fencing has developed enormously in skills and technique – to now an exquisite blend of fast bladework and nimble footwork. …

… Fencing is ancient and bang up to date.    Fencers have the reaction times of a 100m sprinter and they move with the deadly grace of a panther  –  in a tense atmosphere you could cut with a sword.

There are three weapons – Foil, epee and sabre – and both team and individual events. …

Les mer her:       http://www.thegamesandbeyond.com/Fencing

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